Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (NY-21) released the following statement after local county officials informed her that Governor Kathy Hochul is planning to use SUNY campuses and facilities all across NY-21 to house unvetted illegal immigrants sent up from New York City, which has been overwhelmed by Biden's Border Crisis and futher exacerbated by its sanctuary city policies:

“It’s disgusting and shameful that Governor Kathy Hochul is in discussion with local officials about using taxpayer-funded SUNY schools and facilities throughout New York, including SUNY schools across NY-21 to house unvetted illegal immigrants.

Let me be very clear, Upstate New York is not a sanctuary city to clean up Joe Biden's catastrophic border crisis. We respect the rule of law and we oppose any attempt to use our taxpayer-funded facilities to be used for free housing for illegal immigrants.

This decision does nothing to address the Biden Border Crisis and only incentivizes more illegal immigration. This is why House Republicans passed the strongest border bill in our nation's history."