Washington, D.C. – House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik joined Fox News’ Life, Liberty & Levin to discuss combatting Joe Biden’s catastrophic border crisis, the Biden Administration’s refusal to stand with our most precious ally, Israel, and the multiple actions she has taken to combat the illegal weaponization of the American justice system by Far Left Democrats against President Donald Trump.

Stefanik also emphasized her recent visit to Israel at the request of the Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, Speaker Ohana, to discuss her work standing with Israel, both at home and abroad. 


Watch her remarks here.

View highlights from her interview below:

On House Republicans' Commitment to Secure The Border: 

“Joe Biden has created the most catastrophic border crisis in our nation's history, and the American people know it. That's why if you look at the polling, Mark, President Trump is polling over 30 points ahead when it comes to handling of border security and illegal immigration. House Republicans passed the Secure the Border Act a year ago. Joe Biden refused to support that bill, in fact threatened to veto that bill, and Chuck Schumer killed that bill. So it's House Republicans who have led legislatively to secure the border. It was Joe Biden who months ago said he didn't have the executive authority to fix this border crisis even though the American people know that it was his executive actions that created this border crisis. So this latest, desperate executive order that Joe Biden has put out, it is political desperation, and it only further fuels the illegals who are able to cross both our Southern and Northern Borders.”

On Joe Biden’s Executive Order Political Stunt Which Does Nothing For Border Security: 

“It would have further fueled the fire, and it would have opened up the floodgates for more illegal immigrants to pour into this country. It would not have ended ‘catch-and-release.’ It would not have reinstated the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. We know what a secure border looks like; It looks like President Trump's effective border security policies when we had the most secure border in my lifetime. That's why House Republicans opposed this pro-amnesty negotiated behind closed doors that Joe Biden politically wanted to bail him out to cover up for this border crisis that he has created. And I will tell you, Mark, I've gone to the border both the Southern and Northern border firsthand. I represent the Swanton Sector of the Northern Border. We have seen illegal crossings skyrocket under Joe Biden's failed leadership including those on the terror watchlist. This is a national security crisis, an economic crisis, and it is a constitutional crisis because if you don't have borders, you lose your sovereignty as a nation. So this is an issue House Republicans are going to win on. And when we elect President Trump, continue to grow the House Republican majority, and flip the Senate, we will make sure that in addition to President Trump's executive orders, that we get Secure the Border Act signed into law.”

On The Impact of the Biden Border Crisis And The Need To Return to President Trump’s Strong Border Policies : 

“It gets worse even than what you laid out, Mark, think about it: Joe Biden's Department of Homeland Security does not know, has lost track of nearly 100,000 minors who are in sex slavery, who are being human trafficked. It is a humanitarian travesty, and it's all on Joe Biden's watch. He has created this border crisis lock, stock, and barrel, and the American people are going to hold him accountable. You're exactly right that President Trump's executive orders created the most secure border both on the Northern and Southern Border in our nation's history. That's why the bill that House Republicans passed with strong support, despite our very slim majority, we passed the Secure the Border Act to enshrine those Trump executive orders. And the Democrats can't have it both ways. They say first, ‘Joe Biden doesn't have the executive authority,’ and then they put out a desperate executive order. It is offensive to the American people and voters because they know that Joe Biden's executive actions on day one opened up the border. It has allowed ‘catch-and-release,’ and has created this crisis of transferring of illegals to places all across the country. So it's not just the border states and communities that are impacted, it's every state is a border state. Every community is a border community, and it is in crisis because of Joe Biden. And President Trump is going to secure the border with the help of House Republicans and Senate Republicans.” 

On Joe Biden’s Failure To Stand Strong With Israel: 

“Well, it is antisemitism that is a growing strain in today's Democrat Party that has now become mainstream, and it is anti-Israel. At every opportunity, Joe Biden has equivocated morally and turned his back on Israel. I was honored to be invited by the Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, Speaker Ohana, to deliver remarks about the importance of the United States standing with Israel. This was the same week that Joe Biden attempted and is still withholding military aid that Congress passed in support of our most precious ally in the Middle East. You have an Administration that's Obama 2.0 prioritizing Iran and undermining Israel, and it's created chaos and national security threats around the world because of Joe Biden's weakness on the world stage.”

“Well, what I make of it is this is a continuation of the Obama Administration, including some of the same individuals who are at the table in terms of these discussions, whether it's working through European countries to pave the way for Iranian nuclear weapons capability. Remember, Mark, this is the same Administration and the same State Department that put out an official statement mourning the loss of the Iranian President. Let me tell you what the Iranian people who have been abused by the Iranian President and the regime, they did not mourn the loss of this President. And, yet, this is the same Administration who is turning their back on Israel. So it's Obama 2.0. It is failure. Compare that to the historic achievements in the Middle East of President Trump, whether it's the Abraham Accords, whether it's the recognizing Jerusalem as the eternal capital and moving our US Embassy there, and we had peace in the Middle East under President Trump, and voters know that going to the polls this November.”

On Combating the Illegal Weaponization of the Justice System Against President Trump: 

“I did. I filed multiple ethics complaints. This is shredding our democracy. The mainstream media and Democrats accused the Right, but it's really Democrats who are attacking our democracy. When you take the judge in the New York case, this was a zombie case taken up by Alvin Bragg, a corrupt, radical Democrat prosecutor who is releasing violent criminals on the streets which is why we have a crime crisis in New York. And you have a judge who donated to Joe Biden and whose family members are profiting to the tunes of tens of millions of dollars, raising money for Democrats like Adam Schiff and Joe Biden because of this trial. So this is a political witch hunt. They jury shopped as well, asking jury members whether they followed Donald Trump on social media. They didn't ask if they followed Joe Biden. And the American people know that this was rigged from the start, and it is an affront to us. President Trump is correct that the real verdict will be rendered this November on Election Day when President Trump wins overwhelmingly. And I also think in New York, the fact that President Trump is within six points, a traditionally blue state, means that momentum is moving in our direction because people see this for what it is: If they can go after President Trump and political opponents, they can go after any American.”