New York, NY.  — Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Fox and Friends to discuss how House Republicans are following the facts to bring accountability and transparency to Americans regarding the corrupt Biden Crime Family. Then Congresswoman Stefanik joined Varney & Co to discuss how Congressional Republicans are holding Joe Biden accountable and House Republicans plan to secure our borders and end the Biden Border Crisis. 

Watch her full Fox and Friends interview here.

Highlights from her interview on Fox and Friends below:

On the Biden Crime Family: 

“He is getting testy. Joe Biden wants this story to go away, but it is not going to go away. We’re going to continue doing our work as House Republicans to bring transparency and ultimately, accountability. This is the biggest political corruption scandal, not only in my lifetime, but I would say the past 100 years. You have multiple members of the Biden family profiting illegally from foreign governments. You also have the bombshell reporting including potential tapes that exist of while Joe Biden was president taking a bribe from Burisma. This reeks of corruption, and we’re going to make sure we follow the facts, and I want to say that Jamie Comer, who is our Chair of Oversight and Government Reform, he’s been doing a tremendous job following the facts, following the bank accounts, so that there can be transparency for the American people.”

On the Bias of the Mainstream Media when it comes to Joe Biden’s Corruption:

“It’s absolutely outrageous, but the American people are smart. I always say this. I’m on the ballot every two years. I believe voters are smart, and they’re going to, they see through the bias in the mainstream media. They understand that the media’s trying to cover up for Joe Biden, but we need to have good reporters continue to ask these important questions for the American people to know the facts. And as I said, tens of millions of dollars. These are illegal bribes and illegal corruption, and yet, you have this White House trying to do everything they can to protect the big guy, Joe Biden. So we will continue to do our work, and ultimately, hold them accountable, but it’s important for voters to know that on one hand, you have Joe Biden’s Department of Justice and Big Tech going after President Trump, trying to suppress the will of the people, you gave the example of blacking out the Hunter Biden tape before the election. And on the other hand, you have them trying to protect Joe Biden, who has, I believe, committed multiple criminal acts.”

Watch her full Varney & Co interview here.

Highlights of her Varney & Co interview are below: 

On the Use of Congressional Oversight to Deliver Accountability of Federal Agencies:

“Well, these are congressional tools, and what’s important to take a step back and realize the Biden Administration is holding up documents that we’ve requested. We’ve had to threaten contempt multiple agencies, whether it’s the State Department, whether it’s Department of Defense, whether it’s the FBI, the DOJ. They have to respond to Congress, so I support Senators using every tool to demand that accountability and also take back our constitutional responsibility.” 

“Well, certainly we want to make sure that there is transparency and accountability, and it should not even be a question that they turn over those documents.” 

“Well, it better work. We’re going to continue to focus on delivering that accountability, and it has worked so far, so these tools are an important tool for Congress to assert our constitutional responsibility of oversight over these agencies. They respond to Congress, not the other way around. We were elected by the American people to make sure these departments are focused solely on their mandate and not going overboard like we’ve seen in so many instances in this Administration.”  

On Joe Biden’s Border Crisis Affecting Every State and County Across America: 

“Of course they do. This is all about legal problems because this is illegal immigration. This is illegals pouring across the Southern Border. It has been catastrophic and a crisis since Joe Biden has taken office, and it impacts districts across the country. Every district is a border district. Every state has become a border state. And what’s happening is Mayor Adams is threatening and wants to send illegals from New York City to upstate counties who do not support this, who are not sanctuary counties for Joe Biden’s catastrophic border crisis, so he is right that it is a legal problem, but he’s focused on the wrong legal problem. The legal problem is the border crisis and the illegal immigration.” 

On House Republicans Putting Forth a Solution to Secure the Border:

“Joe Biden doesn’t have an answer to the question. Republicans' answer to the question is we need to secure the border then we can strengthen our legal immigration system, but we should not be rewarding illegals for pouring into this country. The American people do not support that.”