Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik today blasted Biden’s Department of Defense for allowing their woke Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chief Kelisa Wing’s radical teachings to proliferate in Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools, while failing to provide transparency on their investigation into her racially divisive statements.

Following Stefanik’s advocacy, the Department of Defense (DoD) opened an investigation into Wing in September. Despite this controversy, a January 2023 audit shows the number of Wing’s books has increased over 1200% in DoDEA schools since October 2022. Now, at least 606 copies of her radical writings are in 49 DoDEA schools.

“Far Left Radical Kelisa Wing is under investigation for her racist and divisive statements, but Biden’s Department of Defense is allowing her to continue to infiltrate the classrooms and minds of our servicemembers’ children,” Stefanik said. “Even though Biden’s Department of Defense has already admitted this is a problem, they have allowed the number of the radical books Wing authored to increase in DoDEA schools during their investigation. Our servicemembers deserve transparency for what their children are learning, not more stonewalling from the Biden Administration. The Biden Administration can no longer hide from parents that they are pushing their radical agenda on our servicemembers’ children, and it is past time for the Department of Defense to release the findings of Kelisa Wing’s divisive and radical ideology she is imposing in our DoDEA schools. These radical teachings are one of the reasons I introduced my Servicemember Parents Bill of Rights, which I will continue to advance to support military families and hold the Biden Administration accountable to prioritizing the strength our national defense rather than forcing their woke ideologies on our nation’s military.” 

When Stefanik heard concerns from parents regarding DoDEA schools teaching radical gender ideologies with DoDEA training materials, Stefanik introduced a Servicemember Parents Bill of Rights, which reinforces that servicemembers with children in DoDEA schools have the right to be involved in their children’s education, while increasing transparency and accountability in DoDEA schools.

In September, Stefanik and Congressman Franklin demanded answers from the Pentagon regarding troubling statements made by Wing. Following their advocacy, the Department of Defense, through the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, announced they were launching a 30-day review of Wing and her racist, woke posts. In November, they followed up with Department of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin requesting an update on the findings of the review, and have not received an answer.