Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Elise Stefanik released a statement following the Biden Administration's announcement of an unclear, overly restrictive rule for determining worker classification that will have devastating impacts on independent workers and our economy.

“Once again, Joe Biden and his Administration are trying to circumvent Congress, the People’s representatives, to enact disastrous, overreaching labor policy that strips workers and entrepreneurs across America of their right to be their own boss and work with the flexibility they desire as an independent contractor,” said Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. “I reintroduced the Modern Worker Empowerment Act to protect American workers' flexibility in their pursuit of their own American Dream. I will always work to protect the freedom for Americans to earn a living and provide for their families the best way they see fit.”

In September 2023, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik reintroduced the Modern Worker Empowerment Act to update the Fair Labor Standards Act and the National Labor Relations Act to create a clear definition and standard across federal laws to protect independent workers. With multitudes of differing state and federal statutes regulating independent contractors, the Modern Worker Empowerment Act will provide much needed clarity and stability for the American independent worker ensuring opportunities regardless of which state they reside. 

Congresswoman Stefanik slammed the Biden Department of Labor’s proposed rule on worker classification under the Fair Labor Standards Act that would significantly restrict opportunities for individuals to work as independent contractors.