Washington, D.C. – House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik joined Fox News Radio's the Guy Benson Show to discuss Joe Biden’s failed foreign policy, Chuck Schumer’s failure to support Israel, the ongoing congressional investigation into holding campus leadership accountable for failing to protect Jewish students and faculty, and the fight against antisemitism in America’s education system.  



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On Joe Biden Withholding Aid To Israel & Chuck Schumer’s Refusal To Bring Forward A Vote On Israel Aid Bill: 

“My response is: This is disgraceful. The lack of leadership we're seeing from the Democrat Party led by Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer in the Senate where they have turned their backs on supporting our most precious ally Israel in a time of existential need. And let's take a step back, Guy. October 7th, the atrocities and terrorist attacks committed by Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists was the bloodiest day since the Holocaust. We must stand as Americans with Israel as they eradicate this terrorist threat that fundamentally doesn't believe Israel has a right to exist. So we fully stand by Israel using every tool they have and all of the military aid we passed, which was the intent of Congress, to eradicate Hamas. I also serve on the House Intel Committee, Guy, and I can tell you that the next time I have those agencies as well as this Administration in front of us in that Committee, I will be demanding accountability because if it turns out they're withholding intel for political purposes because Joe Biden's campaign is fledgling in Michigan – which is what this is really about is Joe Biden's weakening campaign – that is threatening not only the national security of Israel, that's threatening our national security in the United States of America. It is unacceptable. It is disgraceful. And we all remember the Democrats’ sham impeachment against President Trump about, quote unquote, ‘withholding Ukrainian aid,’ which by the way that aid was released and sent to Ukraine. Yet here you have a Democrat President in Joe Biden illegally withholding aid that Congress voted on for his political benefits for his campaign because of his issues and because the Democrat Party base is so vehemently antisemitic and anti-Israel. It is a disgrace. We are proud of our strong vote in the House. We will be continuing to show strong leadership on a moral stage and on a national security stage where Chuck Schumer has failed.”

On Joe Biden’s Failed Leadership On the World Stage And the Far Left’s Refusal To Support Israel:

Well, I believe that they are doing this for political purposes. And you're right. That is the, you describe it as a cynical view, but it's the realistic view. You talk and read in these articles that the White House essentially acknowledges that, maybe not on the record, but it is an acknowledged assumption that that is why they are doing these positions, which is a reflection of today's Democrat party, Guy, about how they have turned their backs on Israel. But at every opportunity to show leadership, Joe Biden has failed. Let's not forget, it's not just in the past two weeks. We saw multiple veto threats when we brought the Israel aid package to the Floor. We saw the encouragement to have Dems vote against when we brought the suspension bill to pass the Israel aid package. You had Chuck Schumer, at the encouragement of Joe Biden and the White House, call for Bibi Netanyahu to be removed, meddling in Israeli elections at a time when they are very unified focusing on prosecuting this war, as you said, for their very existence. So at every opportunity, Joe Biden has failed to lead on the world stage, and the world is watching. And the American people are watching. And there is a reason, as I said, why President Trump continues to do stronger and stronger in the polls, and Joe Biden continues to fail and those polls get more and more abysmal because you compare it to where we were in terms of our national security position on the world stage. You had the Abraham Accords, historic peace breakthroughs in the Middle East. You had an incredibly strong partnership with Israel. You had significant reinvestment in our military capabilities. Our adversaries feared us, and our allies relied on us and we are seeing the exact opposite in Joe Biden's Administration. Let's also add that the Biden Administration continues to be obsessed with appeasing Iran, a continuation of the failed Obama foreign policies, and that's an important part of this as well."

On The House-Wide Investigation Into Colleges And Universities' Failure To Protect Jewish Students: 

“Well, Northwestern has been one of the most egregious in terms of their mishandling of, they refuse to combat antisemitism, in the case of Northwestern, and this will come out over the course of the hearing. There have been negotiations with the leadership of Northwestern and the pro-Hamas mob, and they have failed to protect Jewish students on campus. So what it really is, Guy, is we've heard from so many Jewish students’ individual experiences that are absolutely haunting and harrowing that they have faced on these campuses. And unfortunately, the only way we've forced these schools to take action is by holding them accountable hauling them in front of Congress. And I will tell you what we saw from, most recently, the Columbia President hearing is the posture of these university presidents is to just say whatever they have to to get through the hearing, but when we followed up on Columbia, their lip service that they're addressing is not backed up by their failure to act, their failure to protect Jewish students…It got worse, and it came out that what she said in front of Congress was not truthful. When it came to some of the professors who she said were under investigation because of their pro-Hamas statements. It turns out they were not under investigation. So these are major oversight issues of taxpayer dollars on these campuses. And there's an important legal piece which is why you're seeing multiple lawsuits being filed including Northwestern, against Northwestern from Jewish students who have not been protected on campus. So as you know, Guy, I spend a lot of time preparing for these hearings. And they, Northwestern, the other schools that are being hauled in, I will be prepared to hold them accountable for their failures, and it set off a real earthquake. Over the years I've been involved in a lot of high profile hearings. This is more of an earthquake than any other high profile hearing. And it's because of the moral bankruptcy that everyone sees in these university leaders. It’s so far gone that we need to stand up on behalf of the American people and U.S. taxpayers to rein them back in.”